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Olga Mejia - Danbury Alternative Zoning Commission A

Our very own Olga Mejia was at Somos Latinos VIP recently. Here's the full interview and original article. In this interview Olga talks about what has led her into the role and what the role is all about. Olga also touches on the challenges that she faces as a Hispanic Woman on the commission and how she deals with those obstacles.

What is the Zoning Commission? According to the Danbury Zoning Commission website, this is its definition.


This Commission consists of nine elected regular members and three alternates. They review applications for zone changes, amendments to the zoning regulations and special permits for location approvals for liquor permits or for the storage, sale and repair of construction equipment. They also advise the Zoning Board of Appeals on “use variance”.

Executive Order

Pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7I, Section 19 all electronic notices regarding land use applications and proceedings and any other applicable municipal proceeding as defined in the Order (as a substitute for published notice, clerk filings, and signage) for the Planning Commission will be filed below.

Pursuant to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7I, Section 19.h the requirement for commencement of an appeal of a municipal decision by service on the town clerk, or other town official may be satisfied by electronic service upon the Town Clerk: Email the Town Clerk.

See the original published article and YouTube video by Fidel Hombra.

See Full interview below

Fidel Hombra is a local reporter and fellow Danbury Dominican Community member.

See the Danbury Zoning Commission website for more details:

Find the Zoning Commission Meeting Schedules below:

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